One of the great joys of traveling is finding off-beat places that provide a great stay. It’s hit or miss, to be sure and there have been times I’ve missed the mark. For instance, I stayed at the Safari Motor Inn in Los Angeles, inspired by True Romance, and the metal springs sticking out of… Read More

While I am not much in the way of sightseeing when I travels, I do enjoy finding some out of the way places and meeting locals. I thank my parents for that. For all my failings in life, I’d like to think that I value my experiences with people more than anything else. Traveling overseas… Read More

The problem with traveling for work is there’s never enough time to simply wander around without an agenda. Fortunately, I travel with friends who understand the power no To Do list. Other than having The Best Cup of Coffee Ever, I didn’t really have any sightseeing goals this time through. (Well, I also wanted to… Read More

I’m told it’s a big deal when Americans come to Hungary. If you would have asked me two years ago — before I came here for the first time — I would have said that was strange. The language is unlike any other in the region, which creates an aura of mystery. After my second… Read More

On Thursday night, Attilla and the Avantgarde Group were kind enough to take me out to a celebratory dinner at Barladino, one of the top Italian restaurants in the Budapest area. Apparently the chef and owner is a celebrity. Before dinner, I’d met with Lilla and Balint, the digital team at Avantgarde, for drinks. (Or… Read More

My favorite moment from the trip to Budapest (other than the greatest cup of coffee Hudson Hawk ever had) was this book, which I now regret not buying.… Read More

I’ve always kept a written journal for my trips, marking down neat stops along the way and other tidbits. I’ll collect them all here for each city in my Notes section Cafes: Cafe Bobek: This place reminds me of the Spiderhouse in Austin; arty, hip, cheap prices, decent food and beverage selection. You will get… Read More

It took a bit of time, but we finally caught up with Zsu, one of my favorite people from my graduate school days and a survivor of The Bill Drummond J-200 experience. (You either get that or you don’t. There is no way to explain it.) It turns out she lives just a few blocks… Read More

My friend Zsu and her her husband were adamant that we not take the tram that climbs the side of the hill to Buda Palace. In J-‘s words, it’s a 17-second ride. Instead, we climbed up and then back down the side roads. On the video I say 20 minutes. I was tired and grumpy.… Read More