So New: In Which I Complete My 1/2 Marathon (17 of 90)

February 4, 2010.

That’s the day I quit smoking. Thirty-three weeks, 2 days, 9 hours and 52 minutes ago as I write this.

I was tired of feeling sluggish. I was tired of being a fatty. I was tired of not feeling my body. I was just tired. So I decided it was time to quit.

I knew I needed to two things to succeed: Commit lozenges and an exercise regiment. The lozenges were easy. Just go to Wal-greens. The regiment required a bit more mental toughness.

Fortunately, I was an athlete of some sort in a previous life so I feel comfortable in the gym. Unfortunately, I travel often and didn’t know if I’d stick to my routine as I jetted across the planet. But I did. Nearly every day I was supposed to run, I did. In Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, California, Ohio, Indiana. In Berlin, London, Sheffield, Northampton and Brighton.

And that’s when everything changed.

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So New: In Which I Head to Ft. Wayne to Run a 1/2 Marathon (16 of 90)

I’ve got my game face on.

Or I had it on earlier today as I was preparing to leave for Ft. Wayne (a city I said I’d never visit for some personal reasons that I’ve clearly since left behind) and the Fort4Fitness half marathon tomorrow.

I’ve been looking forward to this particular race since I signed up for it a few months back. It’s the first timed race – the first chance to see where I stand in terms of my time and training – of my emerging running career.

(I figure since addicts refer to their drinking days as the drinking career, I can refer to my running as a career too. It seems only fair.)

I’m not sure I’ll be able to hit my goal tomorrow – 1:47:00 for 13.1 miles – but I’m going to do my level best and that’s all I can really do. I have a secondary goal in mind but there’s not way I’m going into this with that on my brain.

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