In order to qualify, I’ve got to fix my clean & jerk. This involves three elements: fixing my bar grip, strengthening my body, and trusting that I can catch the bar.… Read More

Last weekend, I had the chance to compete in my first Olympic lifting competition, the Broad Ripple Fit Club Barbell Lift Off on Saturday, February 13. My goal is to qualify for the National and American Masters events in 2017 when I’ll compete in the 45-49 age class in the 77 kg weight class, so I’m… Read More

Olympic lifting training is hard. It’s mentally and physically taxing. So you need good people around you to make it work. Juice is my best partner.… Read More

The Mock Meet When I first started Olympic lifting, I was adamant that I wouldn’t ever compete. I wasn’t interested in pushing myself. I wanted to get in shape, learn the movements, and have a good time. What I really wanted to avoid was anything competitive. I put that part of my life behind me, the competitive, win-at-all-cost… Read More

I’ve been derelict in my writing. I wish I could say that I haven’t been avoiding it, but the reality is I’ve let my life and school get between me and the words. It’s created a weird angst within me, the calling that usually comes before I cut the reigns and find myself roaming the… Read More

I’ve been plotting a trip to Bonge’s Tavern for a few weeks, but my plans kept falling through. That fact was disappointing me because I’d heard nothing but amazing things about this place, which is odd considering it’s in the middle of nowhere. How in the middle of nowhere, you ask. Check out this map… Read More

A few days ago, I wrote about the special place The Rocky Horror Picture Show holds in my family’s lore. So tonight as my friend Hillary and I settled in to the festivities at the Irving Theater, I was pumped. But I don’t want to rush through the story, which began during this week’s Glee… Read More

I’ve come to accept that I’m a little bit snobby. I don’t know how this happened or why this happened. I only know that it did happen. I’ve accepted it, embraced it and moved along. But I’ve been hard pressed to find people who are willing to join me on these escapades as a Fancy… Read More