I’ve fallen in love with Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis, which I suppose isn’t very difficult to do since there’s so much happening in the area. Theater. Restaurants. Art galleries. Ice cream. (The ice cream cannot be under-rated. You should trust me on that.) I’ve grown to enjoy it a bit more than Broad Ripple, which… Read More

My friend Reagin arrived on Friday night for three reasons: attend the alumni awards dinner with me (for Faculty Homecoming King purposes) hit The Vogue in Indianapolis for a Prince Tribute band attend the Homecoming football game We’ll get to the third later and the first isn’t important for these purposes. But the Prince Tribute… Read More

I’ve always lived in cities where artists were everywhere. Austin, San Francisco and Boston. I’ve even arranged most of my big travel around the writing and art. And yet. I’ve never really indulged in the artiness of the towns I’ve lived in. Until now. Tonight I went to First Friday, the art galley walk in… Read More

Throughout the past few months, I’ve met a random assortment of people through the magic of the Internet and networking. I’m actually quite comfortable in cyberspace. Twenty-six years online will do that. (Great gobs! That’s a lot of years.) It’s one of the main ways I find new friends and make new acquaintances as I… Read More

I’ve been itching to hit the local theater scene since I returned from London. My summer re-invigorated the storyteller within me, but I’ve been slow to embrace him again. No so. I purchased two tickets (living aspirationally) to see a one man show, “They Call Me Mr. Fry,” which chronicles the first year of a… Read More

This weekend, I decided to eschew my normal football watching for a bit more of the culture of my new town. Or, the culture of the biggest city near my new town. On Sunday, I headed to downtown Indianapolis to the Indiana State Museum to see “Odd Indiana,” a collection of strange pieces the museum… Read More

Festival season where I’m from involves lots of Catholics, beer and gambling. At least that’s the way I remember it. Every summer, we’d bounce around from neighborhood to neighborhood, hanging out at the festivals where our friends went to school. Or where we figured we might run into friends. Or where we just ended up.… Read More

Tonight was supposed to be about swing dancing, but the one thing I’ve learned in my sobriety is that expectations can only get in the way of a good time. Instead of dancing, we wandered through town. Something I haven’t really done since I got sober 2 years, 4 months ago. We (two former students… Read More