I’m not much of a conference person anymore, but if there were more conferences like b.tween, I’d get back on the circuit in a minute. The two days went by far too quickly for my own tastes. The level of conversation was absolutely brilliant. The breakout room, called The Box, was a lovely place to… Read More

It’s right impossible for me to explain the wonderful day that I had today in Liverpool but I’ll try my best. It’s been weird roaming around the tech halls without recognizing any faces; a feeling that I’ve not had in years.  But it’s a good reminder that my little neck of the tech woods is actually… Read More

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because most of you couldn’t care less about the content of the conference (although if you do, updates at The Modern Journalist or search Twitter #btween09). The day is pretty great although it’s weird to be at a tech conference where I don’t know anyone. This is… Read More

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous, but ominous, light coming through my window, which isn’t surprising in this part of the world because there is lightabout 18 hours a day now. (I didn’t know how far north we were.)… Read More

Just a quick recap of the night. Just had the pre-dinner with tomorrow’s speakers (I think they were tomorrow’s speakers. There were definitely speakers at the tables who will be doing said speaking tomorrow).  There’s always too much to discuss in just a few hours. And I get all jacked up and start conversations with… Read More

I just had a long discussion with Karl, my cabbie, about how when we talk fast people without accents can’t understand us. In my continued effort to keep this under 3 minutes long, I believe I may have committed a Karl-esque sin. But the Liverpool trip was so badass, it’s hard to not get excited.… Read More

It took me a bit to upload this on the slow network, the only thing I am not a fan of so far. However, I am in love with this room. It even has THREE different power outlet types. God I love international everything.… Read More

Before I even start writing this, I need to acknowledge that had John not been sitting with me while I made these plans — and had we not seen the transfer point where I hopped on the RB14 to the airport — I am sure this story would have turned out completely differently. Some may… Read More

I’m taking a trip to Liverpool between June 10th and June 12th. Speaking at the b.tween conference. That’s what my Dopplr travel log says for the day. John and I are heading out to the cafe to work our writing in just a bit, then I’m catching two trains out to Schonefeld, a small Berlin airstrip… Read More

I’m boarding a plane to Liverpool on Wednesday, June 10 to attend the b.Tween conference, a media convergence confab with people from across Europe (although I think primarily in the United Kingdom). Here’s how all this came about. Within reason. I’d stopped drinking in May 2008 (long story, it’s a good one. Some other time.)… Read More