A man in Cincinnati jumped out of a hotel window. As he passed each floor, people could hear him say: “So far, so good.” – butchered joke told by Steve McQueen’s character in The Magnificent Seven I’m taking this week to settle into my routine at the house. Tomorrow I’ll run, and begin work on… Read More

Sunday morning came — complete with 100 degree summer weather — and Mike, Yonette and Kim were preparing to leave. Kim and I snuck off for an early breakfast and coffee, though, before the rest of the crew emerged from yesterday’s slumber. We had a great time, a nice change from hiking all over the… Read More

Back in high school, my friend Kim and I hung out. A lot. But life happens and we end up taking different routes and sometimes we find ourselves losing touch with people. It’s that very old tale for the two of us. Fortunately, we live in the digital networked age and we found each other… Read More