Homecoming Arrives (Addendum)

I promise after today there will be no more posts about Homecoming. But there are some photographs floating around in the wild that my friends have decided needed to be shared. Here I am tossing candy to the kiddies who lined the parade route (although it certainly looks as though I am acknowledging the masses). […]

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. . . (87 of 90)

The use of ellipsis can either mislead or insult, and the reader must rely on the good intentions of the writer who uses them. – Ellipsis in Writing The running and the not smoking and the not drinking and the empty nights and the end of school and the coming travels have me…itchy. It’s a […]

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Happenings (86 of 90)

The last week is upon us. Strange things happen to people during the run-up to the end of the year. Some prepare to scatter. Some prepare to hunker down. Some are leaving forever. Some will never leave. Add to that mix the relentless stress, sleepless nights and looming deadlines and inter-personal relationships tend to get […]

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The Last Days (82 of 90)

Time is slipping away. Quickly. As that’s how time slips. I am bad at endings, something I’ve been told throughout much of my adult life. I don’t like change. I don’t like new routines. I don’t like re-starting. I am comfortable being comfortable. Some people are not. These people make me itchy, although I recognize […]

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Baseball (81 of 90)

In the years when my father and I couldn’t speak to each other, we always had baseball. It’s not an uncommon story I suspect. Fathers and sons play catch together. Or they did. Maybe they still do. I can’t say for sure. But my father and I did. It carried us through the times when […]

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