On Tuesday night, Dale Herigstad came to Ball State University as part of the Letterman Speaker Series. (Here he’s decked out in his best Neo-Preacher Future Man outfit, which rocked.) The series, which brought in Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, is one of the coolest parts of my job. As it turns out, Herigstad – the… Read More

Tonight I had the chance to see the Alison Brown Quartet at Pruis Hall with my friend Megan, who is fast becoming a Go To Partner-in-Crime. I’m normally not big on music, but I’m a sucker for most bluegrass music (or really anything with a banjo). And I’m glad I found my way to this… Read More

I promise after today there will be no more posts about Homecoming. But there are some photographs floating around in the wild that my friends have decided needed to be shared. Here I am tossing candy to the kiddies who lined the parade route (although it certainly looks as though I am acknowledging the masses).… Read More

It’s been a long, interesting few weeks. But today – thankfully – it’s all come to an end. Today was homecoming. That meant: the parade the alumni lunch the football game and announcement Truthfully, everyone has been great. The Homecoming Steering Committee has been a joy to meet and the student royalty were loads of… Read More

This is going to be a long week. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: nothing good happens when you walk into a room and people are laughing as tears dribble from their eyes. How do I know this? Evidence: My Office Door My Office, Part 1… Read More

Today is an entertaining day in the Arts + Journalism building at Ball State University. Not for me, mind you, although I do enjoy the smiles and giggles that surround me as I walk through the hallways. Today the glee is for my friends, former students and others who conspired to elect me as the… Read More

I’ve been aspirational with Something New. With every event I’ve lined up (save the ones that involve much personal embarrassment, such as tomorrow night’s crowning of the Faculty Homecoming King and Queen), I’ve purchased multiple tickets. I’ve done so to ensure that I don’t flake out and that I remind myself that life is about… Read More

I’m early in this process, but I’ve been scouting around the Greater Indianapolis area to find the place that I’m going to live next. I love Muncie, but it’s simply not a place that I’ll find much of a social life. And the plan is to develop one of those. As part of my plan,… Read More