The minute I pulled into Fondulac Farms in Nashville, my father started sending me Facebook emails with things to do. Mind you: Nashville, Indiana is exactly 4 blocks long. There’s a visitor center. And everything in the downtown was pulled out of the cutest Christmas movie you’ve ever seen. (Seriously: fudge shops, candle stores, a… Read More

llThis is going to be a staple on my writing, cabin adventures for sure. I love it here. It’s quiet and the owners generally keep to themselves. You can wander the property or drive into Nashville (which you should definitely do. The Hitchin’ Post cabin… Read More

I love cabins. Since I moved home in 2006, I’ve probably spent 6 weeks staying in either Hocking Hills or General Butler State Park. I love to get away from work, get away from students, get away from my life and just chill out with my writing. I wanted to get out of my rut… Read More