Larry Lessig once said he liked to work on a problem for ten years before moving on. I’ve been teaching for eleven. And so it’s time to move on. Here’s what is next.… Read More

Zach, 25, only played baseball for three years. His parents were divorced, and he didn’t really have anyone around to teach him the game. More than a decade later, he bought season tickets to the Pirates. This is why he did that. Follow the book project on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe to the CATCH mailing… Read More

Liam Coghlan, 26, is facing the end of his baseball career after an ACL injury in college. Because of that, he started Diamond and a Dream at The Vandal, an organization that will use baseball to help teach kids about life. Still, I asked went through his head when the doctor’s told him he might… Read More

A few months back, ETC head Drew Davidson and I were talking about possibilities for his ETC Press. We’ve known each other informally over the years through listservs and such, but we hadn’t yet done that “in person” thing. He asked if I’d come talk about The Cult of Me: How Social Technologies Will Save… Read More