For those of you lovely readers, I thought you might be most interested in this. Once I get back to the states, I’m going to email the guy who rented us the apartment where we stayed in Prague.  I’m going to try to book an 8-10 day trip from a few days after Christmas through… Read More

Today has been a lazy day, although "lazy" is a relative term considering how much we’ve walked the city. By 530 pm (Prague), we came to the realization that the 7 1/2 hour train ride to Budapest tomorrow is going to be a welcome relief from the walking. Still, we’ve had much fun. We met… Read More

I’m experimenting with different media on this trip, obviously. I’m going to be recording short 2-3 minute audio podcasts throughout. Here’s the first one: [display_podcast]… Read More

Prague’s political history is fascinating. A nation of bohemians, the country has seen its share of trouble with the Germans and the Soviets (and a bit of abandonment by the Western alliance). That was the one sentence version of the last 100 years for those who have a hard time following. I think I did… Read More

There are little “country” enclaves in every city that you visit, those places where foreign nationals gather to be around those just like them. At least for a little bit. No matter how awesome it is experiencing new things, at some point you want to order a cup of coffee without having to point at… Read More

The shining beacon of Prague is the presidential castle the overlooks the city. It’s a breathtaking view as you walk across the bridge. The history of the place just seeps out. It’s impossible not to imagine what life would have been like back then (although mostly that comes from the literature I’ve read and the… Read More

There are times in your life when you come across something that you are positive should be part of any decorating that you do. I had one of those moments while sneaking around the back edges of the Prague Presidential Castle (a name I have bestowed upon it since it is a castle and the… Read More

Today’s agenda: heading off today to do as writers do. There’s a few bookstores here that cater to English speaking folks and international audiences. You can see them here on my map (they are represented as light blue thumb tacks). Then we’re hitting up two museums, one of modern art and one of Czech are.… Read More

I’m convinced that no matter how hard you try to get away from your hometown, the place you grew up or the most significant areas of your life, the less likely you are to succeed. This is not a universal axiom, of course, which makes it a relatively inconsequential theory of everything in terms of… Read More