I’m back home in Muncie, sitting at my familiar desk awaiting the start of another week. My mind is elsewhere, though. Enjoying the last few thoughts of the Bay Area before I re-double my efforts here. Before I start on The Plan. Before. I do love the majestic nature of the Bay Area. For all… Read More

I am lucky. I flew to San Francisco on the first leg of the Year of Friends. There were few expectations. Just some plans. A small notion of what I’d hoped to find. It’s hard to track people down in their lives. People have a habit of getting lost. Or so I thought. It’s been… Read More

I don’t want to say my friends are badass, but Jessie and Rob have one of only 1,000 of these cars in service in the world. The Tesla is a new generation of electric car. Jessie produced the film Who Killed the Electric Car? and the forthcoming sequel (I didn’t know documentaries had sequels), Revenge… Read More

Twelve years. I try not to think of time anymore because it seems to be stretching out further and further, pulling me away from the moments when the important events in my life happened. I can’t escape the reality, though, that it’s been twelve years since I met the women I’m flying to San Francisco… Read More