So New: In Which I Interview the (Co) Founder of Twitter (10 of 90)

I left Wired in 2002.

There were jobs in between. A book. MIT. But I really built my career at Wired and I’m beginning to realize exactly how long ago 8  years is in modern time. Not to ruin the ending, but it’s a long time.

These days, I’m a professor at Ball State University, nestled in tiny Muncie, Indiana just about an hour northeast of Indianapolis. It’s a wonderful life. I love my students. I love my colleagues. I even love my administration.

But I do, on occasion, miss being in the middle of things. I miss chasing stories. I miss covering the world of emerging technologies as they smash into the culture. I miss being on the pulse of the Next New.

So I was thrilled on Friday to have the chance to interview Biz Stone (@biz), the epically cool co-founder of Twitter.

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So New: In Which I Run With A Socially-Networked Friend (8 of 90)

I’ve always been a solitary runner.

I enjoy hitting the road unencumbered. I love the feel of the ground against my feet. I love the sounds of nature around me. I love the solitude.

But there’s more to running that simply clearing the mechanism. (Not to go all For Love of the Game on you.)

I joined DailyMile a few months back at the behest of my pal Austin, with whom I’m training to do the Ultra Marathon. The site has two purposes: track all your training and connect you with other athletic types. It’s a social network for running geeks, mostly.

Truth be told, there aren’t too many Muncie runners on the site but I’ve been able to connect with my friends across the globe. That’s been good enough for me. But I did stumble across someone who was moving to the area and looking for advice on where to run.

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So New: The Indy Fringe Theater + Chathams (6 + 7 of 90)

I’ve been itching to hit the local theater scene since I returned from London. My summer re-invigorated the storyteller within me, but I’ve been slow to embrace him again.

No so.

I purchased two tickets (living aspirationally) to see a one man show, “They Call Me Mr. Fry,” which chronicles the first year of a teacher in South Central, Los Angeles.

The show, at the IndyFringe, was solid but I was really sold on the venue. The small building – it looked like a house transformed on the first floor into a theater – is exactly the kind of cool DIY life that everyone should experience at least once (a month).

(Aside: next year I’ll attend the IndyFringe Festival, a week-long celebration of theater along Massachusetts Avenue, which I now recognized as the place to be in Indianapolis. If you aren’t in Broad Ripple.)

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So New: The Indiana State Museum (5 of 90)

This weekend, I decided to eschew my normal football watching for a bit more of the culture of my new town. Or, the culture of the biggest city near my new town.

On Sunday, I headed to downtown Indianapolis to the Indiana State Museum to see “Odd Indiana,” a collection of strange pieces the museum has collected throughout the years.

I’m not sure why I wanted to see that. My former student Jen writes about things like this and I guess after reading her blog for the past few years, it’s not just part of my sub-conscious.

The “Odd Indiana” collection was small, nothing that was going to take up my day. (I did, however, watch an episode of Bride and Groom, a program where real-life couples got married on the air. One couple, obviously, was from Indiana.)

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So New: The Indianapolis Greek Festival (4 of 90)

Festival season where I’m from involves lots of Catholics, beer and gambling. At least that’s the way I remember it. Every summer, we’d bounce around from neighborhood to neighborhood, hanging out at the festivals where our friends went to school. Or where we figured we might run into friends. Or where we just ended up.

Other than that, I haven’t spent much time at neighborhood festivals. So when a friend asked me if I wanted to go to the Indianapolis Greek Festival, I jumped. That it was in Carmel, where I spent the first four years of my life, made it ever better.

Upon entering, we were given raffle tickets to win an iPad. We looked at each other and pocketed the tickets. Neither of us wanted to be in that raffle. We successfully made it past the dessert tent (although we returned after splitting a Gyro and purchased four — FOUR — desserts, which we mostly ate) and watched the third and fourth graders dance.

In fact, that seemed to be a large part of the day. Watching people dance. And eating.

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So New: An Aborted Night of Swing (3 of 90)

Tonight was supposed to be about swing dancing, but the one thing I’ve learned in my sobriety is that expectations can only get in the way of a good time. Instead of dancing, we wandered through town. Something I haven’t really done since I got sober 2 years, 4 months ago.

We (two former students went with) got a bit of a late start: Friday traffic and all. When we arrived at Fountain Square Theatre, there weren’t many people in the building and the girls weren’t entirely stoked about wading into a strange place. Instead of partaking in the lesson, we decided to head to The Brass Ring Lounge, an amazingly little lounge just up the street.

I seriously loved this little joint. The swing music was just loud enough to entertain, but never so loud it drowned out the chatting. There’s a cute patio area as well. I’ve been looking for cool places to hang out since I moved to Indiana and I’m positive this is now on my list.

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So New: In Which I Make Adjustments + Ask for Help

The best laid plans of mice.

I knew when I started out on my 90-in-90 Something New challenge that it wouldn’t be easy. For lots of reasons. The most obvious: I don’t live in Indianapolis so I can’t just walk out the door and do things. That means planning.

I’ve spent the last few nights going through community calendars, events lists and Yelp trying to figure out what is happening. I’ll be honest, I’ve only done one thing and already my stomach gets nervous just thinking about the next event. Hopefully this will fade away. Or at least I’ll get used to it and proceed as if everything is ok.

The point, though, is that I’ll neither reach 90 events in 90 days exactly nor do I particularly care about that. This is a journey more than anything. A very public one where I need your help.

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So New: In Which I Workout at 5:30 am (2 of 90)

I love athletics. And I love working out. I’ve never been one of those people who dreaded the gym or physical activity.

Which isn’t to say I’ve always been diligent about it. But I am now.

What I’ve never been good at has been working out in the morning. I could always find some reason to get started a bit later. I’d tool around the house until it was time to start the day and before long, I’d find myself working out in the evening.

This is mostly well and good except I feel so much better after I work out that starting in the evening seemed like a waste. Yet each time I decided to turn over a new leaf, I’d smack the snooze and remind myself that I could always start tomorrow. (Yes, tomorrow. Much better than to…zzzzzzzzzz.)

Inspired by a friend who gets up every morning (sometimes at 4:30 am) to do either Bootcamp or spinning/running, I figured now was the time to stop hitting the snooze.

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So New: A Dinner in the City (1 of 90)

Every journey starts with a first step. Tonight that meant heading to the city for dinner.

While I’ve been in Muncie for a year, I haven’t actually done anything in Indianapolis. Sure I’ve visited a bit here and there, but when I started to think about what I’ve done…I came up empty. So I had big plans for my first foray into the city.

Unfortunately the Labor Day holiday set about squashing that. Either the places I’d planned to visit were closed or the crowds were expected to be quite large. Life is an adventure (I keep telling myself), which meant time to ditch the Negative Nelly and embrace the night.

What matters here is that I cleaned my car, put on the nice clothes, picked up a friend and went to Capri Ristoranti. (You can find my review of the place on Yelp).

We had a great time. I forgot how much I missed getting dressed up for reasons other than school. What I’ve learned in the last few years, though, is how much I love going out for dinner. When I was drinking, I never – ever – joined my friends for food. I would head to the bar and meet up with everyone later, usually half-cocked. At the time, I didn’t understand the draw of nights with food and conversation.

Today, I get it.

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