Author Trey Dowell said if he and wife had a child, he’d definitely teach him the game. I asked him why he was so adamant about that (because it’s a sentiment I’ve heard expressed in nearly every interview).… Read More

“That’s crazy,” people oftentimes exclaim when they find out about my running. “Why would you do that?” It is, as it turns out, an unanswerable question, at least in the way that the person asking the question is used to receiving answers. There are no words that can convey the feeling that comes when you’re… Read More

The Steph has a bird: Ferdinand. Sometimes he likes me; sometimes he doesn’t like me. In that sense, he is not so different from the rest of the world. I am okay with that because he entertains me.… Read More

I can’t remember the first time I met Steph. She has just always been there. What I do know is that we met sometime our freshman year in college at Miami University in 1990. We lived in Dodds Hall, so maybe it was there. We had a class together, so maybe it was there. I… Read More