Last night, I entered into a spirited discussion about the importance of higher education with Adam Pennenberg and Noah Robischon, the executive editor of Here were our thoughts on the Cost of Education. I used Storify, a software application that allows you to easily aggregate conversations online, to capture what we said. It should… Read More

  Today there is too much leaving. I will return. They will not. I am glad that I had the chance to know them, briefly. They all change me in ways I’ll never fully understand. There is simply too much today, which is a feeling only a teacher can know. It is the beginning of… Read More

Dear Students, I don’t know where the world finds you now. I’ve been teaching just long enough that you are now scattered about the Earth, engaging in what I can only hope are memorable and amazing shenanigans although I’ve been around long enough to know that’s wishful thinking. Life has a funny way of knocking… Read More

Coming to a theater near you: the story of a teacher who used to Awesome Power of Blowin’ It Up to change the world. [display_podcast] (In fairness, this is a joke between Megan and I. It’s likely funny only to us. But this is my blog, my alter-ego and my made-up feel good movie of… Read More

The new curriculum means I won’t be teaching Media Ethics anymore, which saddens me. It was my favorite class. Alivia Bryak, one of my current students, created this introduction to my course by pulling from my syllabus, my open week’s lectures and other pearls of wisdom. This is a fairly good overview of what students… Read More

Yesterday, an epic battle waged in the blogosphere between the MINjas of Northern Kentucky University and me. Today, that battle has spilled over to Ball State University. My graduate assistant Rhett Umphress joins the fray with this video: The Bradpocalypse.… Read More

There is a war going on right now. Okay, it’s not a war. Really, it’s April in academia and everyone is stressed beyond belief. This generally results in two things: very long nights and extremely strange behavior. For the nerds, this behavior manifests itself in this way. Some former students found a 3d movie-making website,… Read More