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7:53 (73 of 90)

23 months is a long time. We’ve covered that fertile ground before. I’m sure we’ll cover it again. Today, though, it was all about 7:53. Because today was my timed mile. Not that I have it planned and plotted out. I know my workout regiment…

Phlegm (24 of 90)

I’m three weeks into my actual attempt to quit smoking (as opposed to my Year of Health, first month waffling). It’s a good feeling, most of the time. I’ve always had a motor that goes 100 miles per hour, but alcohol and cigarettes kept it…

The Year of Health

On January 5, one of my students, Ben Luttrull, tagged me in a Facebook Note. He said he was starting on a program to get into better shape after years of neglect. His goal: lose 35 pounds and reorganize some of his life priorities. He…

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