The Year of Health ended just a few days ago. If I had to add it up I’d say I came out on the plus side of things last year. On the positive: I quit smoking 48 weeks and nearly 2 days ago. I weighed in the neighborhood of 165. I completed my fastest half-marathon… Read More

My routine has been upended. This is neither a tale of woe nor sorrow although in the beginning it certainly sounds that way. Like everyone else on the planet, I’m prone to fits and bouts of depressive-ness. This is not one of those times. I started running at the end of April, 564.8 miles ago.… Read More

I’ve land-locked myself in Berlin. Since I never quite refresh my four years of high school German, I can understand almost nothing that’s being said around me. Consequently, I stick pretty close to home most days because I don’t want to be “that guy,” wandering around saying: Ich spreche kleine Deutsch. Auf English, bitte. I… Read More

My body is slowly adjusting to the +6 time zone despite a little set back last week. I’m convinced the alcohol- and smoke-free body has much to do with that although I’m also convinced that my eating habits need to change considerably. As I ramp up my exercise, I’m finding myself increasingly tired throughout the… Read More

If I’m not careful with myself, I loop. My mind works in an odd way, one that I’ve written about here and there before. It’s not anything crippling or debilitating, but it’s certainly a thing. The world in my head works in a very specific way. There’s no getting around that. Still, it’s not entirely… Read More

23 months is a long time. We’ve covered that fertile ground before. I’m sure we’ll cover it again. Today, though, it was all about 7:53. Because today was my timed mile. Not that I have it planned and plotted out. I know my workout regiment well enough to tinker with it. Even during the dark… Read More

I was never a great athlete, but I could hit a baseball. And catch a ball from just about any angle on the field. And I was quick. Not blazing fast, but sharp like a glass edge. The kind of speed you need in a game like baseball. Plus, I was smart about the game.… Read More

I’m three weeks into my actual attempt to quit smoking (as opposed to my Year of Health, first month waffling). It’s a good feeling, most of the time. I’ve always had a motor that goes 100 miles per hour, but alcohol and cigarettes kept it running at a much more manage-able rate. (For all practical… Read More

On January 5, one of my students, Ben Luttrull, tagged me in a Facebook Note. He said he was starting on a program to get into better shape after years of neglect. His goal: lose 35 pounds and reorganize some of his life priorities. He tagged a few people who he hoped would support, cajole… Read More