The Wilbur Wright Shooting Range

My former student – and The Invictus Writer – David Ake finally got me out to the shooting range today. It was a cold, dreary day but that hardly dampened our spirits. He’s an excellent teacher and an honor to his country. (He’s a veteran of the second Gulf War.)

Here’s my first attempt to fire an AK-47. It’s not pretty:

(You can see all three of our videos here at my The Gun Range YouTube playlist.)


I was not strong with the force when it came to shooting, although I did hit the same spot nearly every time. I’m pretty sure I’m not holding the rifle correctly either.

Despite my obvious lack of natural talent, we still had an amazing time. While I liked the rifle, I was much more comfortable with the pistol. I even managed to score a near bulls-eye (I hit about 1/2 the red), which I believe counts.

(You can see the entire Wilbur Wright firing range photo stream here.)

I’ll have more to say on this in the future, but for now I’m going the head to bed with visions of fire ranges dancing in my head.

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  • Megan April 23, 2011   Reply →

    You’re so cute when you’re holding a deadly weapon…

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