The Trails and Gear

For years, I prided myself on my ability to pick up and leave without a second’s thought. My life was set up in such a way that I could be out the door and gone without leaving a trace in about an hour.

There were many reasons for it —  youth, drinking, the exploration bug – but it’s fair to say that I’ve mostly left those days behind me. Which isn’t to say that I don’t still pick up and leave without much planning, because I do. I’ve simply become better at organizing my escapes.

This summer is no different. I’ve gone from zero to hiker in about 3 weeks. I’ve spend hours researching gear, reading reviews, reading magazines, making lists, and imagining the types of experiences I want to have. I’ve created wish lists of gear, bargain shopped, and as of yesterday made my last set of major purchases before I head out.

When I leave in a few weeks, I’ll be taking:

Not shown:

I’ve already created my binder of information – maps, workouts, trails, foods – so I can read up every night before I hit the trails. I’m also setting up a calendar so I can begin making reservations for camping spots. I’ve not idea how quickly these places fill up, although I suspect most folks probably don’t throw down tents.

Then again, I’ve never done this before so that could be wishful thinking.

Once I get my head around a schedule, I’m going to hit MeetUp in hopes of connecting with some trail runners in the area. I’d love to have guides – or new friends – to run these trails.

My initial (and potential) trail list includes:

  • The Legacy Trail, in Lexington, Kentucky
  • The Percy Warner Park trails, in Nashville, Tennessee
  • The Oak Mountain State Park trails, in Pelham, Alabama
  • The Berryman Trails in Mark Twain National Forest, outside St. Louis, Missouri
  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park canyon trails, in Canyon, Texas

I’m still looking around in the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa areas. I haven’t quite decided upon my route as of yet. And I’m taking suggestions.

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  • James Richman May 25, 2011   Reply →

    This trip sounds so awesome!

  • Megan Brooks May 25, 2011   Reply →

    This sounds amazing. 

    • Brad_King May 25, 2011   Reply →

      I hope so. I’ve been looking forward to it for several weeks. We’ll see if reality matches fantasy 🙂

  • Rob Peterson May 26, 2011   Reply →

    c’mon Brad…no Appalachian Trail? Or is that next year? 

    You need to get out to our house and we can go East-Side Sierra. Until then, enjoy! I’m envious.

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