Entry #7: Their Adventure Continues to This Day

Two weeks ago, I announced that we would give away 5 copies of Dungeons & Dreamers (coming in March 2014) for the best stories about playing Dungeons & Dragons, or MMORPGS, or role-playing games, or computer games in general.

The rules aren’t really important. Telling us a good story about playing games with friends is the key to winning.

You can see the entries and demo stories here.

This was written by Brian Green, who runs the Psychochild blog.

* * *

They were playing Dungeons & Dragons in a room in the university.

He was a dwarven vindicator, a berzerker fighter/cleric given the gift of rage by his god. She was an elven thief, quiet and calculating as she sized up the group. The dwarf was suspicious of the new pointy-ear in the group and went to look through her stuff as they set up camp.

“What are you doing?” she asks. He ignored her, looking for evidence to show she’s not to be trusted. But, he doesn’t find anything.

The elf’s career is short, when she forgot her gloves and fails a saving throw against some deadly contact poison.

They were playing Dungeons & Dragons a year later.

He was a human evil paladin, a lawful evil champion of the dark gods. She was a half-elf fighter, although few people realized that her other half was demonic in nature instead of the usual human. She had magic to disguise her, but he was assigned to guard her against all who might go against her.

His dedication was tested when some dark dwarves captured the party. They commanded him to kill another of the party, and he complied even though it meant walking through a wall of fire and taking severe burns. He followed orders, and he would protect the half-demon as commanded.

The two had many grand adventures together, eventually retiring to a keep he had built.

They were sitting in a quiet room together later that year.

He was a computer science student, drawn to programming from a love of games. He would go on to be an MMO game developer, although he had little idea that was his future.

She was an engineering student. It turned out it was not a good fit for her, and she eventually turning her admiration of fantasy art into a degree in fine art.

Both of them had been playing together and talking for over a year. He and she both had shared interests outside of games as well.

“What if I told you I loved you?” she said that night.

He smiled. because he didn’t know what to say. But, she wasn’t scared off so easily by his odd behavior, and they began a wonderful relationship.

They were playing Dungeons & Dragons Online nearly 20 years later.

He was a dwarven ranger, dual-wielding dwarven axes and rushing headlong into danger. She was a dwarven paladin, her tower shield, her armor, and her skill making her nearly invulnerable. She was ever running after the crazy ranger who she claims “moves like a drunken bumble bee” and getting him out of trouble he always seemed to stumble into.

And their adventures continue to this day.

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