On Wednesday, February 25, 6 authors will gather at Indy Reads Books as part of The Downtown Writers Jam, Vol. 3: Jam & Juice fundraiser hosted by The Geeky Press + Indy Literary Pub Crawl. Join us for the Jam at Indy Reads Books (free) and then stop by the Juice at Indy Fringe Theater ($15 tickets). All proceeds go to Indy Reads.

Meanwhile, we wanted to introduce you to our fifth author: Amy K. Sorrells.

amyAn Indianapolis native and graduate of DePauw University, Amy lives with her husband, three boys and a gaggle of golden retrievers in central Indiana.

She is the award-winning author of How Sweet the Sound (Cook). She got her start in writing as a freelance writer and op-ed journalist before deciding to pursue traditional publication as a novelist. Then Sings My Soul (Cook) is her second novel, and she has two more stand-alones slated for publication in 2016 and 2017 with Tyndale.

You can find her on Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, and Twitter.

At The Downtown Writers Jam

What’s the name of the piece from which your DWJ story comes? Then Sings My Soul: A Novel

What was the question or idea that sparked that original piece? What if the forgotten in our society have stories that must be remembered?

Where can people find or buy your work? You can find Amy’s work at most major bookstores or through her website.

What should the audience expect from your storytelling at the Downtown Writers Jam? Readers should expect to laugh a bit, to think a little, and maybe…just maybe…to become smitten with an unexpected 94-year-old man.

Get to Reading

Best book or long-form writing we should read, but probably haven’t? And why? Anything by Kent Haruf (Benediction, Plainsong, Eventide and more). He tells quiet but unforgettable stories of rural life, much like Marianne Robinson and her Gilead series. And like these two authors, I believe that the most powerful stories aren’t necessarily the most shocking, but the deepest and quietest of them all.

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