Nesting (32 of 90)

By all accounts, this weekend was a social disaster. The kind of weekend that would make me want to scamper back to school, back amongst the living, back to see and touch humanity to make sure that I hadn’t committed any felonious act that was about to end my career. It’s funny to type that […]

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Search (31 of 90)

It’s 1230 am. Sunday. The night is slowly coming to a close, although I don’t want it to. This is the kind of night that, would all things be equal, would have me sitting at a bar, slamming Jack and Coke, smoking Camel Lights, telling stories way too loudly, and talking with the wrong kind […]

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I’m Just Playin’ (27 of 90)

On Monday, I gave someone a piece of advice that I rarely follow myself: “It’s all just a big cosmic joke so remember, every once in awhile, put down your work and just have a good time. After all, we’re just grown-up versions of little apes. Sometimes we have to throw some poo.” Not, mind […]

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Possibilities (26 of 90)

I feel the need to start this with an apology. I’ve written, read, re-written and re-read this piece since 8 am. I’ve tinkered and toyed with it, trying to get it to say the thing that I want it to. I’m not sure I’ve accomplished that goal. It feels, at times, insufferable, which is the […]

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Open Season (25 of 90)

I’m not, by nature, an extremely open individual. An odd statement, I know, considering the fact that I’ve laid bare most of my demons and foibles in public. I’ve lived part of my life, since 1984, online. I’ve posted thoughts and random musings without care of how they might – or will – come back […]

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Places You Can Find Me on the Internet

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The Beautiful and Damned (23 of 90)

I’ve spent the better part of Saturday domesticating: cleaned the house, cooked two desserts for this evening’s dinner, finished my laundry and re-arranged the artwork and living spaces. With the exception of the master bathroom, which I’m actually saving until tomorrow morning, there isn’t a spot of dust or dirty anywhere in my place. It […]

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Techno-Files, or Anatomy of a Link-Bait Vanity Fair Story

Nearly three weeks after the Vanity Fair thrashing Cincinnati and Appalachia hit the Web, my hometown media finally caught the Fever. The last 24 hours has been an interesting mix of blogo-rage, media coverage and Twitter conversation. As a journalist, a professor and an author, I’m intrigued by how stories develop. This one in particular. […]

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#BeatWinter: A Social Experiment (20 of 90)

Erectile dysfunction is a multidimensional but common male sexual dysfunction that involves an alteration in any of the components of the erectile response, including organic, relational and psychological. Roles for nonendocrine (neurogenic, vasculogenic and iatrogenic) and endocrine pathways have been proposed. Owing to its strong association with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, cardiac assessment may […]

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