TedxCincy (Addendum)

It’s always weird to do the vanity search after giving a talk.

It’s also particularly hard for me because that moment before feedback comes is awful. I have a creative mind convinced that I’m quite bad at what I do. Which means I’m always – always – expecting the worst. My head is like a Stephen King short story.

Per my usual, I wait a day after my talks to go check out what people said about me in the social sphere. This morning as I sit here in my hotel, I’m feeling very humbled by the kind words you’ve all posted about my talk “Telling Stories on the World.”

If I’ve missed any Tweets or blogs, please post them in the comments. And thank you all so much for the kind words. Really…wow:

Brad King recommends checking out Sean Stewart’s Cathy’s Book. #TEDxCincy — @andreamccorkle

Brad King’s talk atTEDx was fantastic. — @beckcomm

#TEDxCincy brad king, opportunity to have books interact with social media. Require going to web to fully understand the book — @GeoffZoeckler

Brad King says we should all have a Droid, not an iPhone. #TEDxCincy#droidnerdlove — @tmr0101

Loved brad king’s talk. IMS201 peeps, I’ll be sharing info with you soon #tedxcincy — @amyjothompson

Brad king rocks! — @nicktesla2010

Tell stories “on” things = social media tools? Brad King telling us the history of tools to create stories. #TEDxCincy — @HYPECincinnati

had the pleasure of interviewing @brad_king (again; it does not get old) and @margyartgrrl (inspiring!) this afternoon @ #TEDxCincy (1 of 2) — @rick_sadlier

@Brad_King easily one of my favorite#TEDxCincy talks today. Can’t wait to go back and watch it again when it’s posted online. Bravo! — @jasonwhurley

@brad_king – Telling Stories on the World @TEDxCincy … great presenter / awesome presentation — @BHDP

Saw @brad_king at #tedxcincy. Cool talk. Good to actually see people from twitter space. Disagree on android though. 🙂 — @wjklos

@brad_king: social media won’t replace books – it just makes experience more interactive #TEDxCincy — @HOWbrand

“Digital natives don’t exist.” (Just as English natives and science natives don’t exist.) – @Brad_King #TEDxCincy — @JaneFriedman

@Brad_King excellent point about there is no such thing as a digital native. well done. great story. thank you! #TEDxCincy — @prblog

@Brad_King -great story telling ! — @CastlePoint

#TEDxCincy @brad_king books even become interactive in digi world — @Moximom_com

@Brad_king YAWP! That rocked!!!!#TEDxCincy — @daciasnider

@Brad_King Great TED talk. Look forward to seeing more talks in the future. Yelp. #TEDxCincy — @kurttholking

Awesome presentation @Brad_King rocked the house! YAWP! #TedxCincy — @vwthumper

“Everything you see around you matters” #TEDxCincy @brad_king — @JoeKikta

loving @Brad_King’s talk at #TEDxCincy — @CRA1G

In the future we won’t tell stories. We will pull & chase them with transmedia experiences. @brad_king @TEDxCincy — @RNBCincyYP

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