Lancaster, PA

Camping with CowsI arrived in Lancaster just a little after noon today after surviving a drive that took me through the foggy Appalachia mountains, torrential rain down pours, and hours of driving time without mobile cell service.

As some severe weather is headed my way, I skipped some of the preliminary research today and instead got my tent set up at the Old Mill Stream Campground. I was also given instructions on what to do if the lightning starts getting bad this evening. “Don’t stay outside,” I was told.

As luck would have it, I am staying next door to the Amish and Mennonite history museum and historical society, so I am going to poke around on Thursday to see if I can’t find out a little about my friend’s family.

I did have a few minutes so I drove down to where my family’s gunsmith shop was supposedly set up on Pequea Creek, which is directly where the Pequea Creek Campground now sits. I snapped a few pictures, but I am hoping to learn something about the area tomorrow during my research.

I drove the LancasterHistory.Org site just before it closed today as well. I couldn’t get into the library without paying the research cover, $7, and it was only open for another . I decided to hold off until I had more time on Tuesday.

Now I’m hanging out in the Price St. Cafe, which has the kind of WiFi I’ve come to expect in this part of the world. Assuming the storms find their way past my campground tonight, though, major research operations begin tomorrow.

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