Framed: A Game of Interactive Storytelling

Any talk of community and computer games always leads back to one idea: storytelling.

The games I’ve found most engaging haven’t been the ones that use mechanics to get me from place to place. Instead, they’ve been games like Myst, which laid out its narrative environments and allowed me to construct a story using clues set about by the designer.

When I think back upon the stories that resonated with me, it’s not hard to trace a line through the Choose Your Own Adventure series, through Dungeons & Dragons, and on to computer games such as Zork.

This doesn’t mean I don’t love F. Scott Fitzgerald and Nathaniel Hawthorne (because I do). It just means interactive stories also allow me to get lost in the story.

All of that is a long lead up to Framed, the game. I could explain it to you, but what fun would that be. Enjoy.

Update: Not sure why I didn’t track these guys down on Twitter first, but you can follow LoveShack, Joshua Boggs, and Adrian Moore for updates and fun-ness.

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