RPGs on Kickstarter that I’ve enjoyed

I’m a big fan of small, independent publishing ventures. We’ve gone that way with the Second Edition of our book (shameless plug: buy it now), and I’ve chosen that path for my next project, So Far Appalachia, a book funded by backers through Kickstarter. (A project I’m about 6 months behind starting because of D&D actually.)

Because I love watching projects develop, I spend a few hours sifting through Kickstarter each week. (I know: I should look through IndieGoGo and others, but I’ve got a limited amount of time.) Here’s some of the games and pitches I’ve found interesting today.

Folks who still need some help

This is definitely one I’ll be pledging: Saving Throw combines Mythbusters and TableTop to create a how-to show for the world of pen & paper role-playing games.

I’m a big fan of the folks at Carnegie Mellon. Not only is its ETC Press publishing our book, but I’ve got a great relationship with the folks at the Entertainment Technology Center: Cradle is an open-world action role-playing game (RPG) in development by Mojo Game Studios.We’re making an all new game which offers a stunning fantasy setting, ripe for exploration, alongside a skillful and intuitive new combat system. We invite you to hit play below and listen to the original soundtrack while you learn more about Cradle.

The Godsfall: A post-apocalyptic RPG. Survive deadly encounters, explore a wild frontier, and battle epic foes in a world torn apart by the fall and impact of an elder god.

Era: The Consortium is a sci-fi tabletop RPG, created by Shades of Vengeance with the aim of bringing you a high quality game and rulebook! We want to give you something truly special, and we’re going to spend the money to complete that something special, this project. But we want to to give you extra content on top of that if we possibly can!

Bump in the Night: A Roleplaying Game of Paranormal Investigation. Investigate mysteries, debunk hoaxes, and get yourself a TV deal or die trying.

Folks with funded games, but still time left

We’re raising money to pay for stunning full colour, hard cover books for the settings and rule books starting with the rules and setting book Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry. We plan to deliver the core book PDF in July, and the print version in August. Backers will receive pre-print PDF’s to assist with proof reading in June.

Minotaurs in a human civilization sundered by a surreal, trackless jungle. A wholly new RPG from the designer of My Life with Master.

A modern horror RPG scenario set in LA with comedians, ancient magics, and a growing sense of dread. Game rules included.

You’ve got a time machine, high-powered weapons and a whole lot of history to save. Welcome to TimeWatch! A wild adventure with hopelessly flawed characters steeped in a supernatural tale of courage, sacrifice, secrets, and shenanigans.

A medieval role-playing game somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu. Winner of three ENnie Awards in 2013!

Far Away Land is a quirky and lighthearted fantasy tabletop role-playing/worldbuilding game which uses a simple d6 system.

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