A New Book Examines an RPG as if it were Real

Chrono Trigger is an upcoming book by Michael P Williams. It’s… all about Chrono Trigger, looking at parallels between Crono’s world and ours, a study of the institutions of the game’s world (its laws and religions), how the game’s characters fit (and defy!) genre conventions and, yes, a poke at the aches and pains of a plot that involves time travel.— from What Happens When You Study An RPG World Like It Was Real

A forthcoming book, Chrono Trigger, is slated to be released on April 1 by Big Boss Books. The project, which was chosen by readers, “delves deep into connections between Crono’s world and ours, including Chrono Trigger’s take on institutions such as law and religion, how the game’s heroes fit and defy genre conventions, and the maddening logical headaches inherent in any good time travel plot. From the Magus dilemma to the courtroom scene, find out why many consider this game the high point in the entire role-playing genre in this in-depth examination of Chrono Trigger, a ton of fun and a true work of art.”

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Honestly I don’t even know how to wrap my head around this (in large part because I’ve never played the game). With that said, I can’t help equate this new book (at least in spiritual connection) to Indiana University professor Edward Castronova’s work studying the economy of Second Life as we continue to blend real- and cyber-space together.

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