Media Tidbits about D&D

I love watching Dungeons & Dragons  and other role-playing games seep into the public consciousness. (Well, maybe not so much when South Park did it, like here or here.)

The more we see the games depicted — even when depicted with its most nerdy roots — the more people begin to internalize the idea that these game communities exist, and the more they are forced to learn what we players have known for years: the games are great fodder for storytelling.

The Full D&D Map from Community

Glad to see that Brutalitops the Magician gets a shoutout with his own memorial bridge.

Ten Twisted Dungeons & Dragons Monsters that Should be Adapted by SyFy Originals

And while every iteration on tacking a shark’s head onto some other creature is glorious in its own way, isn’t it time for some real originals? And by original I mean swiped wholesale from Dungeons and Dragons, which has entire three hundred page books full of nothing but a monster per page.

Finally, A Movie Based On The Classic Anti-D&D Screed “Dark Dungeons”

If you don’t know Jack Chick, or his legendary comic tracts which detail all the myriad ways Satan is gonna get your soul. None of these tracts are more belovedly insane that “Dark Dungeons,” based on the idea that D&D is a direct ticket to hell. And now someone’s turning it into a movie!

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