“The Truth about Dungeons & Dragons”

**Update**W.D Prescott  just posted that he just shared the video, and that DKlarations actually compiled it. I blame the Internet for communications, and we still think W.D. is awesome for sharing it.**

The video lays out one of the best (and most entertaining) explanations of the game. For years, I’ve tried to explain to people that dice, books, figurines, and all the extras aren’t really core to the game. They are part of a different type of D&D experience than the one I had.

Watch + learn:

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  • Robbie Mehling January 6, 2014   Reply →

    This is a fantastic video.

  • wdprescott January 6, 2014   Reply →

    W.D. Prescott here and just want to say that I didn’t make this video. It is the content of DKlaration on Youtube. Please make sure the credit goes to him, I just shred the video because it was awesome.

  • wiredbeat2000 January 6, 2014   Reply →

    wdprescott Just updated the post to reflect your awesomeness for letting me know 🙂

  • DKlarations January 6, 2014   Reply →

    I’m very happy that you enjoyed the video!

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